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PARTY in NYC Tonight

I promise to post all my NYC adventurelogues as soon as I get home to SF or someplace that doesn’t charge me body parts for internet access. In a word my Off Broadway run has been FABULOUS.
Closing show tonight at 7pm and there’s a party for me at 10 pm in the East Village- YOU ARE INVITEDmarga

Imagine my Pride


Marga at 17

Future Latina Lesbian Marga, at 17

I’m posting from the Ritz Carlton in Boston after a fancy gay time as one of the headliners at Boston Pride today. Perfect weather, a beautiful day for a Pride March… a day I like to walk up to the anti gay protestors and say “Beautiful weather God gave us for PRIDE!”


If this is your first time reading my blog you may not know that I have a show coming up in New York City June 18th through 21st.

This blog is brought to you by MARGA GOMEZ in LONG ISLAND ICED LATINA! It’s about my high school years in Long Island and other challenges to the Latina brain. How can you say no to this kid?

Buy Tickets here and  learn more about “Long Island Iced Latina” It’s a real big deal for me– Off-Broadway and all and I’m looking for all the support I can get. Tell your NYC peops.

Now here’s a few words and  pictures of a few of my escapades in — do they call it beantown? 


Upon my arrival at the Ritz Carlton I was whisked away to Boston’s Spirit Magazine party at the Liberty Hotel. Imagine my pride when I walked out of the marble and gold lobby to find my Pride Boy Toy Wilfred Labiosa (sucha lesbian name) behind the wheel of a fabulous zipcar.. NO no Wilfred  are you sure  this ride isn’t ordered for Kathy Griffith?


Marga and Wilfred

Marga and Wilfred

Since the party was in a former jailhouse. I decided to read Wilfred his rights and I ordered him to call me Miss  Taylor Dane all night. 

I went easy on him. I’m usually harder on producers. But I hadn’t gotten paid yet.

Seriously I love this gay cuban and he does a lot of good for the community all year round.Plus an actual cop showed who was the gay liason to the mayor of Boston. Since gay marriage is legal here his job is done I’d think.



I usually don’t make nice with the fuzz. But this one had his eyebrows waxed. He carried moisturizer in his holster.  


These gentlemen below are known all over Boston as the ‘Hat Sisters’ They make big hats and wear them for every occasion and share a chiropracter. They told me they had made these hats an hour

before theparty. And for pride they were going to create bigger hats with feathers. I really wanted to know if they had sex with their hats on but it was my first night in town- too soon to be hitting on a pair of sisters.




I have great respects for a good host and we had one for Boston Pride. One of Boston’s most popular DJ’s Fast Freddy (pictured on left)  One of my dear friends from my New York days theater critic Tony Phillips (pictured on right) was in Boston. He missed my set because he was delayed at a cocktail party. As long as he had a excuse.

Nope I never met star attraction Miss Taylor Dane. I don’t get why she’s at all the Gay things. It’s not like she’s Judy Garland.

Lori Michaels(left) Lynette Moellner (center) and Choking Victim

Lori Michaels(left) Lynette Moellner (center) and Choking Victim

 But I am a fan of lesbian pop sensation Lori Michaels who was very cool in the dressing room and offered me some of her veggie platter several times. So I finally ate a baby carrot and started choking . Not enough for mouth to mouth. Don’t eat raw vegies around a really cool pop star. boobnatalieWe entertainers try to reach out to the youth. Sometimes they reach out to us. This photo is wrong. Very wrong. I wasn’t aware what they were doing because I was obviously looking away watching my idol Miss Taylor Dayne. For the record all of these lovely Boston women are over 21, barely, and can you blame them? I gave a magnificent show. (photo by Nataly)

I arrived in a zipcar but I left in a town car with a beautiful Latina redhead Miss Coco Lopez. Thanks, Wilfred and John, Jenn Cullen-Crawford from Spirit Magazine, my pals Constance and Kim and the lovely folks at Boston Pride.

Miss Coco Lopez and Marga

Miss Coco Lopez and Marga

“That’s stoopid. You dreamin!”

Hola Blogitos,
     Todays blog is about my number one Puerto Rican Reggaetton Idol –  Ivy Queen!  I felt I should talk  Ivy after searching for female reggaetton artists to mix into the  preshow music that we will play next week gomezat the opening of my Off -Broadway comedy “Long Island Iced Latina.”  

Tell your friends in NYC  that some very cheap tickets $20 are available for an unforgettable LATINA night Off- Broadway.  Click aqui for more info and tickets

Because women in this reggaetton  get no love or exposure from the guys who dominate it I could only find ONE genuine female reggaetton star IVY QUEEN -lesser artists Mala Rodriguez and Lisa M. were on the dull side. Ivy Queen seems like she could shoot you in a drive by. Her music (at least up till 2006) is unique and she’s got issues. She hasn’t produced too much new music in the last two years and  her look and sound  is transitioning from a Little Kim vibe to Mary J Blige in a telenovela. Regardless she’s the best we got. Ivy Queen  has been a little quiet for the last year because at 38 (according to wikipedia) she is working on getting her high school diploma (to send a good message to the youth.) Ivy_Queen-Diva_Platinum_Edition-FroShe got started in the music biz as a teenager, worked for years as the chick doing the hook for guys in reggaetton and recorded two solo albums. Ivy’s third album Diva, was released in 2003 and was a huge breakthrough. If you have never heard her before I’m thrilled to introduce you to her. She’s talented, Puerto Rican, fierce, with a deep commanding voice, long curley deadly nails, expensive boobs, and kind of looks like a drag queen in the best possible way. I’m not feeling her stuff after 2006 but I will buy her shit regardless. It irks me that she never got the recognition she deserved because she’s a woman and a Latina. There- I said it Rush Limbaugh!  I have posted here  five  videos I found on youtube that will give you an idea of her awesomeness.

Click link below to jump to the rest of my Ivy story- it’s worth it


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1500 people love me but I want more.

Hi Readers!

I posted mucho pictures from my gig with Alec Mapa for you tonight – BUT  first…Happy Gay Sunday or as America calls it -Tony night. Props to Oscar Eustace , The Public Theater and cast of Hair. Oscar won a Tony. Which is better than Tony winning an Oscar. Oscar gave a radical acceptance speech – talked about the tribe- and equality– pointing to his wedding ring, wink wink. cropped-cover_mar06-sm.jpgLove you my hetero bro. Not only do I want to see Hair. I want to grow it down past my ass just like when I was a teenge girl lost in Long Island. Get me Rogaine now! gomezHey -that reminds me- my new comedy ‘Long Island Iced Latina’ opens in NYC June 18th for four consecutive nights. If you are anywhere near NY you have to come to this show. It’s funny and exotic and fragrant and only $20 bucks. So excited to be back at the sweetest theater in New York – The Puerto Rican Traveling theater on 47th st-  Teatrostagefest has all the info you need to have some laughs with a strange Latina

Marga Gomez, Alec Mapa backstage in Santa Rosa

Marga Gomez, Alec Mapa backstage in Santa Rosa

I had a big night Saturday June 6 sharing a bill with Alec Mapa at  the 1500 plus seats Wells Fargo Center  in the idyllic wine country of Sonoma County, CA. WE SOLD OUT BABY. (Except for 50 seats) 99.9% SOLD OUT!! 

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I Kissed Annie Sprinkle

(San Francisco, May 30th) Tonight I dropped some quips about  Sonia Sotomayor backlash and Rush Limbaughs Oxycotin relapse at the Radar Fantastical Benefit to raise funds to send twelve emerging queer writers to a house in Mexico to get inspired, tequila not included. The event at the fabulous Muse Gallery was sold out and a literate, punky, queer and sexy crowd enjoyed readings by heroes of queer lit Dorothy Allison and Eileen Myles and star of avant garde drag Suppository Spelling. 

International sensation, multimedia artist, and PHD Sexologist Annie Sprinkle showed up to light her nipples on fire and help with Radar’s big raffle. Winning tickets were drawn from Annie’s cleavage. I’m proud to say that Annie is a friend but I hadn’t heard from her since she lost all her possesions due to a terrible fire on  her houseboat. Annie wasn’t there at the time so we can’t blame her nipples. After that she began touring all over the world spreading her message of sexual good cheer. On Saturday I was reminded of what a genuine fun person she is. You always want to have an Annie Sprinkle in your life. As we were chatting Annie said something  that my oppurtunist little brain seized upon as a great publicity quote. I asked if she would say it on camera and she, trusting soul that she is, followed me to the quietest spot in the party for this testemonial which can only be viewed on a computer.Sorry mobile users.  

Thanks Annie. You Rock! 

 Dorothy Allison introduced a new piece called Porcelain (bathroom sex and gardening) by saying that the best thing to do for new writers is to share something ” that isn’t fixed yet.” Loved that. May borrow that line when I don’t make my deadlines. Host Michelle Tea wore the most attention getting dress of the night. Wish I could show you but I forgot I had a camera. I was so dazzled. Later on renowned photographer Deb St. John offered to use my IPhone to take a picture of me with Chelsea Starr, DJ, and  the winner of SF Weekly’s 2009 Most Fashionable Person Award. 

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