Marga’s Ink

Articles below.

mikemarga.SI                              Marga Gomez and Mike Albo (Photo by: Cate Corbitt)

June 2009 Marga Talks To Bohemian
Marga Gomez and Carmelita TropicanaJan 2009  Marga Talks to The Mission Local

Sept 2008 Marga Talks To Time Out New York

June 2007 Marga Talks To San Jose MetroActive  

Feb 2006 Marga Talks To New York Times   

 June 2005  Marga Writes For The Village Voice

October 2002 MargaTalks to Village Voice 

                                                                    Marga Gomez and Carmelita Tropicana

November 2002 Marga Talks To DC’s Metro Weekly

Marga’s First New York Times Review 


4 responses to “Marga’s Ink

  1. Hi Marga. I am a fan of yours and do volunteer work as a writer, for E-Gay magazine. I was given dozens of choices for comedians to ask a few questions from, but I requested to kindly, have Marga, as my favorite person. I have been following you since “HOW COME YOUR FATHER NO TEACH YOU NO SPANISH? HOW COME?” I thought this was the funniest thing I ever heard and my child at 3, used to recite your show… It is possible to get you to be in our magazine, and just answer a few questions for me? I know it’s bold, and presumptions that you will say yes, but it is one of my dreams to meet you. At least an interview would be awesome!!! 

    • Hi There!
      I have been a bad blogger and am just getting to my mail here. Of course I would do an interview. I’m corious about this 3 year old Marga Gomez impersonater. So much better than a drag queen doing me. I’m just a bit swamped now getting my website up but you can send me the questions here with your email and I will send them back to you privately. If we haven’t missed the deadline yet. Of if this web designer I hired doesn’t run away I may have a real functioning website up at margagomezdotcom should be another week at the most. That’s when I’ll start blogging again.
      All Best,

  2. Hello Marga!
    I represent My Latino Voice ( — a New York City based Latino web project, and we’d like to interview you when you come to NYC this month.

    Can you PR rep email me?

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