Marga’s Work Out

6 responses to “Marga’s Work Out

  1. I’d definitely jog for a burrito! Well, maybe walk fast. 😉

  2. Dear Leoami

    I continued jogging to the health food store and made some delicous Shitake Mushroom,Avocado and Orange bell pepper tacos. Almost a happy ending except I knicked my thumb slicing the bell peppers. Thanks for visiting!

  3. It would have been great to see you jogging through the city curling burritos. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you. You can always try it out on another day – now that you’ve worked out how your hoodies and shoes should be tied. Good luck with your blog. Your workout should be a regular segment.

  4. Dear UB
    Thanks for leaving the first comment on my baby blog. I hope to some day approach your blogging mastery. Now blogging is a mystery. If I knew how to leave you an emoticon back it would respectfully bow.

  5. Hahaha! I’ve tried the same thing myself and I have absolutely had that “Oh, here comes the bus.” moment.

    Of course, my usual take away places are either right across the street or a block north, so it’s not quite the same. 🙂

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