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The Teeny Weeny Prop 8 Bikini

2 minute video of today’s Prop 8 protest in SF until my batteries died. Can’t show you the low level riot that broke out, arrests, or my gig that night on Castro St.. But my filmaker friend Dandypants will have that footage ready in about two weeks. Justice will prevail. We’re in it to win it.

photo-2 Supervisor Bevan Dufty’s aide took a picture of us but my cheeks puffed out. We tried again but Bevan was blinking.

Pictured below is one of those creative protest signs at the demo. It is going to be another year of dealing with homophobes. We can’t lose our whimsy.



I guess we’ll be working No on 8 phone banks again. Here’s a video about the fun you will have. Filmed by Dandypants.

Limousines For The Feet

I checked out the Strida folding bicycle and was not impressed enough to buy it -plus it’s expensive. It weighs 22 pounds, 12 more more pounds than I can carry nonchalantly up the stairs. Staring at it online I began to think that i could fold it up teeny like my iphone. I really need a bike that I could stuff in the palm of my hand, wave the other hand over it and poof! A bicycle magic shop is what I need.images

The guys at Warm Bicyle Planet- maybe i got the name wrong- were extremely patient explaining how bicycles work. I didn’t really need to hear all that and said “hey thanks – but it’s going over my head. Does it come with a bell?” That made them start all over. I was their only customer  for the half hour and they let me test drive the bikes outside.I wore the geeky helmet to prevent any sexual harrassment..

I’m really a spaz and my friends don’t think I should ride in traffic so I’m holding off on bike purchases. I’m going to get myself an excellent pair of running shoes so I can speed walk, no helmet. Here’s a picture of my new hightops from “A Life”- I save them for DANCING!

my kicksThese shoes are already famous having been posted on a shoe website. Check out Shoegayzr

                                           The title of this post “Limousines For The Feet” was my favorite advertising slogan when I was a kid. It was under a picture of BIG feet in a pair of high top  Converse. There has ever been a better shoe slogan in my inflated opinion. Suck it Nike.

New York, New York, Long Island

$20 tickets just went on sale for “Long Island Iced Latina” at The Puerto Rican Traveling Theater in New York City( co-presented by Teatrostagefest.) Click BUY TICKETS to see my culturally confused new comedy. It plays 4 shows only  June 18th through June 21,under the direction of my dear friend and mentor David Schweizer. (photo by: DavidWilson)


Currently  I blog from my pied de terre (makes my cramped apt sound grand) in San Francisco. I feel like I want to do a million things today. First thing this morning I put on my lucky writing shirt. It was like automatic writing but with wardrobe.

Although the show has been written and presented to large houses in New Mexico, Miami, San Francisco and Bloomington Indiana- where Latinas are revered like unicorns I feel like playing with the script today, punching it up.
This show is being billed as an evening of comedy- Originally I wanted to make it something more dramatic. I’ll save that for the film version starring America Ferrara – This is all hypothetical.
I found the old blog I kept in 2006 when I was performing Los Big Names at the Puert Rican Traveling Theater. I may try to export it here.. It was a fun journey. Fortunately the fun journeys keep coming. If I can get anything substantial done today I am going to reward myself by going to a shop that sells these 20 pound folding bicycles called Stridas. I saw a business guy on one yesterday, on his cell phone- and am obsessed.


I watched Serendipity on an airplane once back when you had to pay to watch the movie but you could sneak your walkman headphones in the ear jack and watch for free. Those walkmans were awesome BTW. Or if you were afraid of breaking the rules you could pull the arm rest up to your ear and listen through the ear jack. It was still stealing the movie, but so pathetic, what flight attendant would scold you.
Serendipity was adequate then and adequate now while I do laundry on a Friday night. Why do the plots of so many chick flicks revolve around two people in the ‘wrong’ relationships meeting their soul mates, losing their soulmates, finding them again through a twist of fate, often on their wedding day, and leaving their fiances at the alter? Chick flick loving chicks should not support these films because in real life they will be the ones who get dumped and not for his soulmate but for his soul ‘ho.
I can enjoy this nonsense living in CA where I am not legally allowed to have a wedding much less call it off. These straights be crazy! 
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Molly Shannon plays the best friend of the home wrecker.
Molly can do no wrong. I was in the laundromat for the beginning of the movie but I think it had something to do with ‘Serendipity,’ that overpriced dessert spot in NYC that makes a 5,000 chocolate treat with gold flecks. My mom took me there once back when celebrities used to go (back when walkmans were the rage) but we didn’t see anybody famous. I think the board of health closed it down for vermin not too long ago. I was going to have a rating sytem for my reviews- 4 stars, two thumbs etc. but there’s so little to choose from, in movies especially, a simple Pass/Fail should do the trick and if it’s really good I’ll give it a Serendipitous! 
I have to put my clothes in the dryer now. But the next movie on Bravo begins. It’s ‘You’ve got mail’ and I believe Meg Ryan will dump Greg Kinnear to have cyber sex with Tom Hanks. Call me a chick flick psychic. Dave Chapelle is in this one playing the Molly Shannon role.
Marga says- SERENDIPITY is: Serendipitous! NOT : ( but it does barely PASS

Let’s Get My Blogging Started


I am not wearing bubble wrap

I am not wearing bubble wrap

I hope that  this works and I am in charge of my domain. These things are way confusing. That photo was taken by Jose Guzman Colon. Thanks Puta!


If we could spend our days and nights in pajamas the world would be more relaxing. I would become a pajama manufacturer. This is still a test. I haven’t eaten all day learning WordPress. All I can think about is how I’m still in my pajamas and want a grilled cheese sandwich desperately.