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My Dirty Blog


(I’ll keep blogging  from the UK every few days so come back. Cheers!)

After watching this I’m going to find some camera lens cleaner : )


I found a pocket of civilization

I found a pocket of civilization

I was planning to do a V-Log tonight. Bought a cheap little webcam that gave me that witness protection pixillated look. But it was not be. I was excited to just ramble and not worry about my grammar or using you’re instead of your. People lord it over you when you make that mistake. Like you stepped on a puppy’s foot. I could speak in fragments and wouldn’t have to worry about punctuation. I could blog and not have to use any of my education. Woulda been nice. BUT WordPress wouldn’t let me.

My life and apt. are in pre travel chaos. I just went downtown to buy some serious rain boots for Scotland. Girlfriend told me the brand to get is “Hunters.”  Went to Macy’s which is such an American store. No salespeople anywhere. Customers running amok. I found one employee by the register who said they don’t carry rainboots at this time of year. I should be able to buy rainboots and bathing suits whenever I want. That’s how I was raised. Nordstroms however is a place where you get treated right. Katie said they didn’t keep them on the floor but she could go find me a pair- what size and color?

These boots are official. They come mucked up and they don’t make half sizes. The box has two stamps from Edinburgh Scotland where they are made. That’s where I’m spending August. Blimey! How red is that flag that the most durable rainboots in the world are made where I’m going. I’m heading towards rain. I just packed my last zicam swabs. I’m getting a scratchy throat thinking about it. Really I’m thrilled to go to the UK in any weather.

I have been hitting up all my friends who know people in London and Scotland to spread the word and I have received lots of help and well wishes. (I’ll be playing The Royal Vauxhall Tavern in London 7/29 and 7/31  Here’s this link with all the show and ticket info After London I play Edinburgh at The Zoo southside. )The comments I’m getting in the blog have been great. Today I was late for everything so I used my Xootr (which is like a Razor for grown ups) It’s like a skateboard for nerds. So I got my hair trimmed from Deena at Glamarama. She also runs her own radio program on Pirate Cat Radio. She was especially entertaing today.

Poc Chuc Mayan Restaurant

Poc Chuc Mayan Restaurant

Next order of biz was an electronics purchase at Best Buy as I turned down a random and desolate street I found the tanatalizing “Poc Chuc” Mayan restaurant . I had to eat before dealing with Best Buy. I ordered delicate and tasty “pulled turkey” taco and vegie empanada. Tortillas homemade. Everything stylish and down home at the same time. And what made this my new favorite restaurant of all time was the homemade blistering hot sauce that came with my little plate. The place was pretty full for lunch. The crowd was pretty mixed but there were quite a few intellectual Latinos there. That’s a good sign. I had an horchata which isn’t more than milk with cinammon in most places. Here they brought it to you in a stein and it tasted like – what breast milk must taste like to a baby. That’s how I felt drinking that horchata. One of the waitresses was mean at first but when she saw my horchata face she cut me some slack. The bill came to $8.64. Crazy no? I left a good tip. Trust me.

Today I noticed how powerful kindness i from my friends  of course but when it came from strangers- it blows the mind. Not everyone was kind today. But I was great. I was kind to everyone- Oh I did want to yell at an old lady but I didn’t. Yay for me.  I picked up my last organic peaches before I leave for the UK from the infamous Rainbow grocery. Ran into an artist friend Seinberg who hooked me up with the produce guy who sliced up fruit for me to try. Then another peach customer joined us. She didn’t want to engage with me. I kept saying things like “Yeah I’m going away so these will be the last peachesI’m getting” She didn’t ask me where I was going. She was just touching all the peaches looking for ripe ones. Then she said “This is the best time of year for them. This is heaven” But really if it was heaven she and I would have hugged. We would have been each other peaches. You’re probably thinking hey Marga what about the nectarines? I consider nectarines to be smooth peaches. And they were sweet too.

But here was the highlight of a day with many of them like

  • petting this pretty eyed beagle outside of Peet’s coffee for fifteen minutes. It had eyes like my departed Jack Russel.
  • Then there was the foamy mouth man at the travel store who helped me decide on what street maps of London would be the best. We both were into lamination.
  • A guy on the street who asked me if I had a back brake on my scooter. When I told him I used my foot. He said i should get some skater shoes. Does Hunter make those I wondered?
  • And the guy named Randy who walked of fthe bus with me  noticed my Nordstroms bag and gave me his card to get some cosmetics at his shop.

But the biggest moment for my heart  was after the peaches–I was pushing and rolling my scooter under the freeway. Peaches in my backpack. A sack of Best Buy gadgetry hanging from my handlebar. And a homeless looking guy is riding his bike in the other direction. There was a sense of recognition. Hey we both have wheels and bags on the side walk on foggy day. It could be awkward and I look away or I be a human being. That’s what he did. We passed each other on our contraptions and gave each other a dignified nod. And the world felt warm.

Lunch was so good I started eating it before I could take the picture

Lunch was so good I started eating it before I could take the picture

Videos on The Way and….

FYI I hope to be posting some video clips before I leave for the UK on Mon. Still searching for a wizard who can tell me how I can find out if I have any subscribers. I just added a “Bloglovin Widget” -it’s on the right under the toothbrush,see? Click it and you can be notified ASAP when I post a new blog. You can do this with all the blogs you want to be current on. I’ll try to post something more interesting later tonight. Meanwhile try the Bloglovin widget.

Since You Asked

I have a few more days of  regular blogging till my goal of 25 consecutive days is met. Today I’m taking a request topic.

Leoami Writes
I wanted  to thank you for making my San Francisco vacation…… 
Since you asked, my vote for your last few blogs is how I can spend my last few days in SF, once I’ve done all the “touristy” things. However, don’t feel obligated. Again, I wish you nothing but success. Bye!


Hi Leoami,
If you like burritos then you should spend your last days taste tesing in The Mission. Skip the Taco Bell. Or get a blanket and a book and hang out at Dolores Park- it’s been cold lately maybe you should bring a snuggie. Flirting is always a good thing to do in this town if you can figure out what somebody’s into. You can start your own protest and see how many people join you. You can have fun with the underground Muni police who fine unwitting tourists who don’t have their transfers usually at the Powell Street exit. When they ask me for my transfer (which I make sure to have on me) I take a really long time to find it. I go from pocket to pocket. Then I ask them – ‘uh what was I looking for.’ I begin the search again and hum. The humming drives them crazy. As they pull out their ticket book I pull out my transfer. Try to see how long you can prolong it while other people walk by that they can’t hassle because they’re waiting for you. It really helps if you have nothing to do all day.

And put some flowers in your hair.

Who else has blog requests? I’m taking them. Bring it.

Rocky Road

I spaced out and missed a deadline to apply for a NACA conference that I stood a good chance of getting. This might have made me financially solvent next year with all the college gigs you can get by auditioning. I’ve been sitting with this news for two hours. It feels tight in my heart. But I know I’ll be fine. I have great things ahead and I’ll find another way to play colleges next year. I need an intern.

I bought a big hunk of  milk chocolate rocky road and I’m self medicating with it. Tonight I’ll be at the Rrazz Room catching up with by good friend Rene’ over dinner before we  watch Dick Gregory interviewed by Mort Sahl . At least I found a good day to realize my huge blunder. I need to laugh babies. Well that’s it kids, my downer blog.  Forget this one and read yesterday’s it’s super upbeat.