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2 weeks 1 pair of pants

I’m overly excited about my new shoe horn, an amenity from the Ritz Carlton last month. Perhaps I wasn’t supposed to take it home. I sincerely thought the hotel provides these for us like soap. I always take the soaps. I know my career is healthy when I don’t have to buy soap all year. With a shoe horn I’m ballin like P-Diddy. BUT-what if this shoe horn wasn’t fresh and had been forced down a businessman’s wingtips prior to my arrival? Whatevs. I have 3 pairs of hight tops and this will save me minutes putting them on. MINUTES that I can devote to my servitude to the blogosphere. I signed on to some ‘blog everyday for a month campaign’, a big leap from my anemic quasi- weekly entries.

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“That’s stoopid. You dreamin!”

Hola Blogitos,
     Todays blog is about my number one Puerto Rican Reggaetton Idol –  Ivy Queen!  I felt I should talk  Ivy after searching for female reggaetton artists to mix into the  preshow music that we will play next week gomezat the opening of my Off -Broadway comedy “Long Island Iced Latina.”  

Tell your friends in NYC  that some very cheap tickets $20 are available for an unforgettable LATINA night Off- Broadway.  Click aqui for more info and tickets http://www.teatrostagefest.org

Because women in this reggaetton  get no love or exposure from the guys who dominate it I could only find ONE genuine female reggaetton star IVY QUEEN -lesser artists Mala Rodriguez and Lisa M. were on the dull side. Ivy Queen seems like she could shoot you in a drive by. Her music (at least up till 2006) is unique and she’s got issues. She hasn’t produced too much new music in the last two years and  her look and sound  is transitioning from a Little Kim vibe to Mary J Blige in a telenovela. Regardless she’s the best we got. Ivy Queen  has been a little quiet for the last year because at 38 (according to wikipedia) she is working on getting her high school diploma (to send a good message to the youth.) Ivy_Queen-Diva_Platinum_Edition-FroShe got started in the music biz as a teenager, worked for years as the chick doing the hook for guys in reggaetton and recorded two solo albums. Ivy’s third album Diva, was released in 2003 and was a huge breakthrough. If you have never heard her before I’m thrilled to introduce you to her. She’s talented, Puerto Rican, fierce, with a deep commanding voice, long curley deadly nails, expensive boobs, and kind of looks like a drag queen in the best possible way. I’m not feeling her stuff after 2006 but I will buy her shit regardless. It irks me that she never got the recognition she deserved because she’s a woman and a Latina. There- I said it Rush Limbaugh!  I have posted here  five  videos I found on youtube that will give you an idea of her awesomeness.

Click link below to jump to the rest of my Ivy story- it’s worth it


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1500 people love me but I want more.

Hi Readers!

I posted mucho pictures from my gig with Alec Mapa for you tonight – BUT  first…Happy Gay Sunday or as America calls it -Tony night. Props to Oscar Eustace , The Public Theater and cast of Hair. Oscar won a Tony. Which is better than Tony winning an Oscar. Oscar gave a radical acceptance speech – talked about the tribe- and equality– pointing to his wedding ring, wink wink. cropped-cover_mar06-sm.jpgLove you my hetero bro. Not only do I want to see Hair. I want to grow it down past my ass just like when I was a teenge girl lost in Long Island. Get me Rogaine now! gomezHey -that reminds me- my new comedy ‘Long Island Iced Latina’ opens in NYC June 18th for four consecutive nights. If you are anywhere near NY you have to come to this show. It’s funny and exotic and fragrant and only $20 bucks. So excited to be back at the sweetest theater in New York – The Puerto Rican Traveling theater on 47th st-  Teatrostagefest has all the info you need to have some laughs with a strange Latina http://www.teatrostagefest.org/ny-productions.html

Marga Gomez, Alec Mapa backstage in Santa Rosa

Marga Gomez, Alec Mapa backstage in Santa Rosa

I had a big night Saturday June 6 sharing a bill with Alec Mapa at  the 1500 plus seats Wells Fargo Center  in the idyllic wine country of Sonoma County, CA. WE SOLD OUT BABY. (Except for 50 seats) 99.9% SOLD OUT!! 

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New York, New York, Long Island

$20 tickets just went on sale for “Long Island Iced Latina” at The Puerto Rican Traveling Theater in New York City( co-presented by Teatrostagefest.) Click BUY TICKETS to see my culturally confused new comedy. It plays 4 shows only  June 18th through June 21,under the direction of my dear friend and mentor David Schweizer. (photo by: DavidWilson)


Currently  I blog from my pied de terre (makes my cramped apt sound grand) in San Francisco. I feel like I want to do a million things today. First thing this morning I put on my lucky writing shirt. It was like automatic writing but with wardrobe.

Although the show has been written and presented to large houses in New Mexico, Miami, San Francisco and Bloomington Indiana- where Latinas are revered like unicorns I feel like playing with the script today, punching it up.
This show is being billed as an evening of comedy- Originally I wanted to make it something more dramatic. I’ll save that for the film version starring America Ferrara – This is all hypothetical.
I found the old blog I kept in 2006 when I was performing Los Big Names at the Puert Rican Traveling Theater. I may try to export it here.. It was a fun journey. Fortunately the fun journeys keep coming. If I can get anything substantial done today I am going to reward myself by going to a shop that sells these 20 pound folding bicycles called Stridas. I saw a business guy on one yesterday, on his cell phone- and am obsessed.