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1500 people love me but I want more.

Hi Readers!

I posted mucho pictures from my gig with Alec Mapa for you tonight – BUT  first…Happy Gay Sunday or as America calls it -Tony night. Props to Oscar Eustace , The Public Theater and cast of Hair. Oscar won a Tony. Which is better than Tony winning an Oscar. Oscar gave a radical acceptance speech – talked about the tribe- and equality– pointing to his wedding ring, wink wink. cropped-cover_mar06-sm.jpgLove you my hetero bro. Not only do I want to see Hair. I want to grow it down past my ass just like when I was a teenge girl lost in Long Island. Get me Rogaine now! gomezHey -that reminds me- my new comedy ‘Long Island Iced Latina’ opens in NYC June 18th for four consecutive nights. If you are anywhere near NY you have to come to this show. It’s funny and exotic and fragrant and only $20 bucks. So excited to be back at the sweetest theater in New York – The Puerto Rican Traveling theater on 47th st-  Teatrostagefest has all the info you need to have some laughs with a strange Latina http://www.teatrostagefest.org/ny-productions.html

Marga Gomez, Alec Mapa backstage in Santa Rosa

Marga Gomez, Alec Mapa backstage in Santa Rosa

I had a big night Saturday June 6 sharing a bill with Alec Mapa at  the 1500 plus seats Wells Fargo Center  in the idyllic wine country of Sonoma County, CA. WE SOLD OUT BABY. (Except for 50 seats) 99.9% SOLD OUT!! 

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