“That’s stoopid. You dreamin!”

Hola Blogitos,
     Todays blog is about my number one Puerto Rican Reggaetton Idol –  Ivy Queen!  I felt I should talk  Ivy after searching for female reggaetton artists to mix into the  preshow music that we will play next week gomezat the opening of my Off -Broadway comedy “Long Island Iced Latina.”  

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Because women in this reggaetton  get no love or exposure from the guys who dominate it I could only find ONE genuine female reggaetton star IVY QUEEN -lesser artists Mala Rodriguez and Lisa M. were on the dull side. Ivy Queen seems like she could shoot you in a drive by. Her music (at least up till 2006) is unique and she’s got issues. She hasn’t produced too much new music in the last two years and  her look and sound  is transitioning from a Little Kim vibe to Mary J Blige in a telenovela. Regardless she’s the best we got. Ivy Queen  has been a little quiet for the last year because at 38 (according to wikipedia) she is working on getting her high school diploma (to send a good message to the youth.) Ivy_Queen-Diva_Platinum_Edition-FroShe got started in the music biz as a teenager, worked for years as the chick doing the hook for guys in reggaetton and recorded two solo albums. Ivy’s third album Diva, was released in 2003 and was a huge breakthrough. If you have never heard her before I’m thrilled to introduce you to her. She’s talented, Puerto Rican, fierce, with a deep commanding voice, long curley deadly nails, expensive boobs, and kind of looks like a drag queen in the best possible way. I’m not feeling her stuff after 2006 but I will buy her shit regardless. It irks me that she never got the recognition she deserved because she’s a woman and a Latina. There- I said it Rush Limbaugh!  I have posted here  five  videos I found on youtube that will give you an idea of her awesomeness.

Click link below to jump to the rest of my Ivy story- it’s worth it


Here’s a rare  interview she did in 2008 with Latina Magazine. She talks about the haters who said “That’s stoopid. You dreamin.” Ivy might have had too much botox that day. Don’t scratch me Queen! Te quiero mucho.

It’s not that easy to look her up on the web. Her info is vague and her website flashy but confusing. She has two completely different songs posted all over youtube with the same title, ” Quiero  bailar”. But this one is actually Quiero Saber. I want to know – I want to dance. Ivy isn’t hung up on which is which so enjoy.

The quality of most Ivy Queen videos I found on the net suck and this is the worst of the five, but if you have fallen in love with Ivy Queen, as I have , just listen to her power and admire her nails.

Finally the best of the many fan videos on youtube. This one includes fabulous still shots of La Diva. 

Her best line  loosely translated “Just because I want to dance doesn’t mean I’m going to bed with you.” So Daddy Yankee, Pitbull, Cher and Madonna you can all take a number . Ivy Queen is NEXT!

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  1. What? No one has yet commented on your Ivy Queen post. I will then.

    Ivy=Muy caliente!

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