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Marga’s HUMPday News: Whip Your Hair

Marga’s Hump News: Meg Whitman is a bedbug

Episode 1! Gonna try to keep this up every Wednesday.


Hello and thanks for visiting my semi retired blog. Since April I have been blogging and podcasting on my SNAZZY NEW WEBSITE. Granted I do need to increase my output over there but I just hooked up my wii to my Netflix and have been watching old Superman cartoons and Arrested Development since uh… what month is it??

I’m still famous though and want you to check out today’s BRAND NEW interview on the world famous LGBT comedy show Feast of Fun. I talk about Queen Latifah, Bondage and Country Western bars and lots of personal stuff. Click HERE TO LISTEN
It’s about an hour of me lezzy trash talking with the affable hosts Fausto and Marc. Sharing the link with your friends and socialite network helps support Feast of Fun, Michfest, me and maybe in some way your inner child.

Gay Pets and Big Discount

"Venus" Marga's High School Sweetheart

Hello Readers,
I have missed you so much. I’ve been spending time on my new website I started a blog there but I have a dilemma since that is my professional website and I’m not sure how
outspoken I ought to be. In this entry you get a deal for my new show and some bitching about celebrities.
“Marga Gomez is Proud & Bothered” my GLAAD award winning smash hit comedy moves to the fab New Conservatory Theater Center in San Francisco May 13th through June 26th
ACT NOW to get $15 tickets. Offer ends Wednesday May 12th. This offer is available for the following performances only: May 13-30, 2010.
Discount tickets are available by calling Box Office at (415) 861-8972 Tuesday from noon through 3pm and Wed from 1:30 till 7:00pm.
A limited number of seats per show performance are available at this VERY LOW price. I want my friends and their friends to get first crack . Spread the word!

“Marga Gomez is Proud & Bothered” is a tightly written comedy, an adults only send-up of New Jersey Pride and bored housewives. It received a GLAAD award in 2004 and was named by New York Magazine as one of the shows in the “Top 5 Gay Theater”

I’m pissed off about gay people becoming pets of straight celebrities. On Celebrity Apprentice the “celebrities” were playing for their charity, like autism, colon cancer. Cyndi Lauper’s charity was gay people AKA “True Colors Foundation”- a good cause if the overhead of putting on celebrity concerts isn’t excessive and most of the money gets to the gay kids- TBD. Anyway she was voted off last night – when it should have been Holly Whatshername. But Cyndi was a pain in the ass in many episodes and nobody could deal with her temperment. Then Cyndi started fuming about how “nobody cares about the gays.” Actually gay people care about gays. Straight allies are awesome but it gets a little patronizing when Kathy Griffin for example asks “where are my gays.” Sounds like Kathy wants to walk us on a leash.
I’m still your fan Cyndi. Thanks for raising money that will eventuallty help gay homeless kids. That’s awesome. But being voted off Celebrity Apprentice was not a hate crime. It was just a tv game show and you lost .Take it like a straight woman. ‘The gays”should not be used as a human shield. And to the rest of you celebrities looking for the gay following- you can work alongside me but you can’t get on top.

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