I Kissed Annie Sprinkle

(San Francisco, May 30th) Tonight I dropped some quips about  Sonia Sotomayor backlash and Rush Limbaughs Oxycotin relapse at the Radar Fantastical Benefit to raise funds to send twelve emerging queer writers to a house in Mexico to get inspired, tequila not included. The event at the fabulous Muse Gallery was sold out and a literate, punky, queer and sexy crowd enjoyed readings by heroes of queer lit Dorothy Allison and Eileen Myles and star of avant garde drag Suppository Spelling. 

International sensation, multimedia artist, and PHD Sexologist Annie Sprinkle showed up to light her nipples on fire and help with Radar’s big raffle. Winning tickets were drawn from Annie’s cleavage. I’m proud to say that Annie is a friend but I hadn’t heard from her since she lost all her possesions due to a terrible fire on  her houseboat. Annie wasn’t there at the time so we can’t blame her nipples. After that she began touring all over the world spreading her message of sexual good cheer. On Saturday I was reminded of what a genuine fun person she is. You always want to have an Annie Sprinkle in your life. As we were chatting Annie said something  that my oppurtunist little brain seized upon as a great publicity quote. I asked if she would say it on camera and she, trusting soul that she is, followed me to the quietest spot in the party for this testemonial which can only be viewed on a computer.Sorry mobile users.  

Thanks Annie. You Rock! 

 Dorothy Allison introduced a new piece called Porcelain (bathroom sex and gardening) by saying that the best thing to do for new writers is to share something ” that isn’t fixed yet.” Loved that. May borrow that line when I don’t make my deadlines. Host Michelle Tea wore the most attention getting dress of the night. Wish I could show you but I forgot I had a camera. I was so dazzled. Later on renowned photographer Deb St. John offered to use my IPhone to take a picture of me with Chelsea Starr, DJ, and  the winner of SF Weekly’s 2009 Most Fashionable Person Award. 


Chelsea made me a little more fashionable by unzipping one of the zippers on my hand- me- down raver vest. Later Chelsea placed the winning bid on a one of a kind  Bold Faced T-Shirt with the message “YOU’VE GOT STYLE EILEEN MYLES” Watch for Chelsea’s T shirt at her monthly girl party Hot Pants on Folsom Street. Maybe she’ll wear it on June 7th at the National Queer Arts Festival Fashion Competition “San Francisco is Burning.” Eileen Myles will be there, her second  round trip From NYC in a week. 

Every time I talk to Eileen Myles I always try to say something clever and it comes out awkward. This night was no exception as I introduced her to my girlfriend with the dumbest thing you can say about a profound artist with integrity. “This is Eileen Myles. She’s famous.”Eileen was chill and my girlfriend knows I have trouble in public. Later Eileen read some fierce poetry and an excerpt from a novel set in the East Village around the Warhol days. SHE’S GOT STYLE EILEEN MYLES.photo-2                       Chelsea Starr’s workout pumps. Suppository Spellings boots.

6 responses to “I Kissed Annie Sprinkle

  1. Marga, I adore you! And am glad I could put in a good word. You are a genius. And I’m so proud to know you. May you get a zillion huge grants and may the world all get a piece of you. Like you said in a show once, “If i can just touch the life of ONE person, … I’ll be really pissed.”

  2. Marga, if I ever have the chance to introduce you to someone, I will say, “This is Marga Gomez. She’s famous!” 🙂

    Annie Sprinkle rocks.

  3. chelsea starr

    hahaha. love it! i always say awkward things to eileen, too! i think sometimes it’s hard to act normal when people are kind of reserved, and yet attentive, because they’re looking at you but not saying anything.

    anyway, now i know where to find your blog. RAD.

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