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COMEDY BODEGA : Thursday night comedy club in San Francisco


COMEDY BODEGA : Thursday night comedy club in San Francisco.

Marga Films Comedy DVD in Berkeley – Seriously.

My Website Rises Again

Dear Readers,

Very soon margagomez dot com will be up and running and redesigned with video, photos and an interactive Q&A section. So that’s why I have been a little MIA on this blog. If you are in San Francisco you won’t want to miss THE GREATEST APRIL FOOLS DAY SHOW EVER. Next Thursday with a line-up of brilliant comics and DJ Sammy Franco spinning Funk and soul al night.

What’s Going On!

7 more days till my big production “Marga’s Laugh Party.”  I have a thousand flyers left to give out by Wed. and decisions to make about the show flow and if it would be a good idea to have a professional  roller skater  dance on the stage. I wish I could just book the shows and have somebody else promote them. That’s the hard part. But we got an amazing write up in the SF Weekly today .

“Any one of the performers at Marga’s Laugh Partywould be enough to get our thumbs-up for an evening’s entertainment. In fact, we can assure you this is the best comedy show in the city since the last one Janine Brito killed in (the face-hurting Laughter Against the Machine). Marga’s Laugh Party features a raging lineup of comics smashed together with a dance party — with music by SF Weekly’s 2009 Most Fashionable Person, DJ Chelsea Starr. Titular host Gomez herds local comedian cats better than anyone: Fast-talking punk trans superstar writer, filmmaker, and horndog Lynn Breedlove isn’t easily contained, if you know what we mean. Sarcastic dames are gathered here: Marcella Arguello, Brito, Emily Heller, and Natasha Muse join nondames Pippi Lovestocking, Ben McCoy, and our pretend boyfriend, Kirk Read. Full disclosure: SF Weekly contributor Tara Jepsen is also brilliantly hilarious in the show.”

Well that’s my daily report. Kind of measly. This day was a dud. I did nothing outstanding. My only outing was to Brainwash our local laundromat/cafe/comedy open mic where I tried to do my set by trying to jump up on the cafe counter. Missed it twice banging my tailbone on the counter edge on the way down and finally splitting my belt in two. Not my pants, my big Harley Davidson leather belt -in front of about ten of my fellow comics and two people folding their clothes. When you open with a big finish like that it’s all downhill. I can’t complain that was never my belt . I found it in my apt. it was left behind by one of my more interesting subletters Christa Hillhouse from the band Four Non Blondes. Later!

All About New Year’s Eve

Here’s a chat I had with Tom Kelly published in The SF Bay Times on December 24th, 2009. Hope you can all come to my NYE show if you’re in town. It’s always a good time.For Tickets go to

What better way to ring in the New Year than with laughter? And there aren’t many people on the planet who are wittier than SF’s favorite funny lady Marga Gomez. Named “Best Comedian 2009” in the SF Bay Guardian readers poll, she has appeared on stage, film and television. For a great time… go see Marga at The Marga Gomez New Year’s Eve Spectacular.

(Bay Times) I hear you have a love affair with the City of San Francisco. Care to comment?

(Marga Gomez) I wouldn’t really call it a love affair. I have more of a sexual, torrid crazy apache dance with San Francisco. It’s like that movie Nine and a Half Weeks, and I’m Micky Rourke and San Francisco is Kim Bassinger. I’ve tried leaving San Francisco many times for other cities like New York and LA, but I always come back. Like I always say, “I wish I knew how to quit you.”

Movie references aside, yes, I love San Francisco. It felt like home from the moment I landed on Castro Street as a 19-year-old baby dyke from Manhattan. Everyone was creative here, even the postal workers. I got involved with queer comedy at the Valencia Rose in 1984, and that was it. I found my calling. I wanted to be a famous lesbian comic, so I could meet women.

This is your 6th annual New Year’s event with Theatre Rhinoceros. Why Rhino?

New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday of the year ever since I was a kid. My parents were performers, and they would come back from their NYE shows with party hats and noisemakers and party favors for me. I dreamed about being a NYE performer, the one at the center of the celebration. It’s always cool to say you have a New Year’s gig when you are a performer. For six years The Rhino has hired me for what is truly a dream NYE gig. I get to perform at The Victoria Theatre, a beautiful former burlesque house, for 500 or more people who are in high spirits but not drunk that I can tell.

I began working with Rhino because I was impressed by their history as the longest running queer theater in America. They have produced three of my shows in the last ten years and have been there for me. I want them to thrive, and these New Year’s Spectaculars help that along. Plus, they have a very sexy audience at these shows, and you know we include NYE countdowns at random just to see our audience kiss.

How will this year’s Spectacular differ from previous ones?

This year will be more spectacular. I will do a completely different hour of comedy than I did last year. But Sarah Palin will still be trashed. Before I take the stage, we will feature not one opening act, but three of the most exciting new gay comics on the scene: local rising sensations Natasha Muse and David Hawkins and – flying in all the way from New York City – ukulele comic Ben Lerman. I can’t wait to hear the audience go nuts for these kids. By popular demand DJ O’DJ will be back spinning live before both shows.

Will there by nudity?

Nudity? Ben Lerman and I are partially nude in some of our publicity shots. If anybody gets naked at the show, I hope it’s our emcee John Fisher, the Artistic Director of Theatre Rhino. I bet he has a nice butt.

Why do you think we should start 2010 laughing?

Because if you start out crying, you’ll ruin your mascara. And 2009 was just ridiculous.

Marga’s photos by Kent Taylor. The Marga Gomez New Year’s Eve Spectacular plays Dec. 31 (Thurs 7pm and 9pm) at the Victoria Theatre, 2961 16th Street, San Francisco. For tickets call (800) 838-3006 or at More info at


Hagaris the Handsome was in the house last night . I met him in the afternoon at a bar at which my friend Sian Hutchinson was performing her funny solo show. I went to there with Brooklyn Ukelele man Ben Lerman and his mates. Ben and I went to the bar to get some coffee and this Viking impersonator cat Hagaris, was having a big glass of scotch and telling no one in particular about an american woman’s show he had seen.

So I took that as an opening to give him my flyer.
I tried to pretend I wasn’t Marga Gomez just her flyer girl but you can’t pull the angora over Hag’s eyes and then he asked if he could take a picture I said -really?- Then he leaned in got close to my mouth as I squirmed away. And he froze there and then I stared at him freezing there. No camera by the way. It was very lizard like the whole thing. He was in my front row that night. I wasn’t surprised.Well he bought a ticket so he tended to talk to me now and then during the show. Unfortunately his story was a sad one. He lives in Glasgow. He wants to go back with his ex wife. They got married in toronto and more stuff I didn’t want to hear.. That almost sucked all the funny out of the room but the audience and I worked together as a team to get the comedy back. Even the tech person told me it was the best show so far.

I like to say hi to everybody after shows and most people are great and respectful but there are a few grabby people here who may ruin this practice. In the lobby  Hagaris put his hat on my head- then took it back. I don’t like to have old man hats placed on my head. One woman ran her hand along my face. I literally flinched. But I thought to myself well maybe it’s the scottish culture then she starts talking and she’s like from OHIO!!  Not cool.  Not as bad as last weekend at a club when another woman grabbed my face with one hand and then poked her finger in the gap between my teeth with the other. WTF? I’ll be bobbing in weaving out of innapropriate touching for the next 2 weeks here in Edinburgh.

Last night I saw a shooting star on the way back to my flat about 1am. Part of the metor shower I think. Thanks to the universe for that.



My bedding issued at our cell block/student housing

King Arthur's Seat: I can see it on the way to my gig

King Arthur's Seat: I can see it on the way to my gig

Week one of the Edinburgh Fringe was spent searching for internet, trying to figure out sodium content on european labels, Learning to live with roommates; two gay solo performers and a 75 year old comedienne stripper who has become the toast of Edinburgh and wrote her name on her toilet paper so we don’t use it. I understand, that’s how I feel about my ambien and coffee filters. There is one more roommate who’s over 60 and she’s just starting out in comedy. So I’m the young chick. But we never see the two senior ladies who stay out till 3 am every night.

the hip hop bagpipe shop

the hip hop bagpipe shop

Oh yes I also opened my show at the Zoo Southside on Nicolson st and got 4 stars from “The List” an important publication in these parts. They called me “Absurdly Brilliant.” They also said my Gold Lame jacket and matching boots were ridiculous. But that is so not true- my boots don’t match the jacket at all.

Edinburgh is a lose money deal usually and I’m in the usually category. Last time I played this festival was 1994. I had a rich producer, full court press, my own one bedroom flat and spending money. Now I’m broke as a joke having to put up my own posters. My producer this time is a clown. At first I was in denial. I thought his act was juggling and magic. When anybody asked me about my clown producer I snapped “Where’s his fucking red nose then?”But at his show last night he made balloon animals. And he is never without his little red brimmed pork pie hat. Pretty sure my producer is a clown. They don’t always have red noses.

In the queue to pitch their shows to the Edinburgh press.

In the queue to pitch their shows to the Edinburgh press.

I went to a very hip party for lesbians and friends last week called Velvet. They invited me to perform a few minutes and afterwards I gave out flyers, accepted a beer, made some new friends and invited myself over to their house for Sunday Roast. As I left the club I said to some other girls- I’ll see you here next Saturday but one lass sadly told me “This party is only once a year” (you imagine the scottish brogue)

So that leaves CC Blooms for semi lesbian night life. It’s got a reputation as grim -like one of those dives we come out in to make sure we’re serious about being gay. Anyone can come out in a pretty bar.I tried handing flyers outside of this place but gave up after a table of dykes (and two pit bulls) thought that I was performing at an actual zoo.

Scotty tries on my Tartan at the Velvet paty

Scotty tries on my Tartan at the Velvet paty