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All About New Year’s Eve

Here’s a chat I had with Tom Kelly published in The SF Bay Times on December 24th, 2009. Hope you can all come to my NYE show if you’re in town. It’s always a good time.For Tickets go to http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/86090

What better way to ring in the New Year than with laughter? And there aren’t many people on the planet who are wittier than SF’s favorite funny lady Marga Gomez. Named “Best Comedian 2009” in the SF Bay Guardian readers poll, she has appeared on stage, film and television. For a great time… go see Marga at The Marga Gomez New Year’s Eve Spectacular.

(Bay Times) I hear you have a love affair with the City of San Francisco. Care to comment?

(Marga Gomez) I wouldn’t really call it a love affair. I have more of a sexual, torrid crazy apache dance with San Francisco. It’s like that movie Nine and a Half Weeks, and I’m Micky Rourke and San Francisco is Kim Bassinger. I’ve tried leaving San Francisco many times for other cities like New York and LA, but I always come back. Like I always say, “I wish I knew how to quit you.”

Movie references aside, yes, I love San Francisco. It felt like home from the moment I landed on Castro Street as a 19-year-old baby dyke from Manhattan. Everyone was creative here, even the postal workers. I got involved with queer comedy at the Valencia Rose in 1984, and that was it. I found my calling. I wanted to be a famous lesbian comic, so I could meet women.

This is your 6th annual New Year’s event with Theatre Rhinoceros. Why Rhino?

New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday of the year ever since I was a kid. My parents were performers, and they would come back from their NYE shows with party hats and noisemakers and party favors for me. I dreamed about being a NYE performer, the one at the center of the celebration. It’s always cool to say you have a New Year’s gig when you are a performer. For six years The Rhino has hired me for what is truly a dream NYE gig. I get to perform at The Victoria Theatre, a beautiful former burlesque house, for 500 or more people who are in high spirits but not drunk that I can tell.

I began working with Rhino because I was impressed by their history as the longest running queer theater in America. They have produced three of my shows in the last ten years and have been there for me. I want them to thrive, and these New Year’s Spectaculars help that along. Plus, they have a very sexy audience at these shows, and you know we include NYE countdowns at random just to see our audience kiss.

How will this year’s Spectacular differ from previous ones?

This year will be more spectacular. I will do a completely different hour of comedy than I did last year. But Sarah Palin will still be trashed. Before I take the stage, we will feature not one opening act, but three of the most exciting new gay comics on the scene: local rising sensations Natasha Muse and David Hawkins and – flying in all the way from New York City – ukulele comic Ben Lerman. I can’t wait to hear the audience go nuts for these kids. By popular demand DJ O’DJ will be back spinning live before both shows.

Will there by nudity?

Nudity? Ben Lerman and I are partially nude in some of our publicity shots. If anybody gets naked at the show, I hope it’s our emcee John Fisher, the Artistic Director of Theatre Rhino. I bet he has a nice butt.

Why do you think we should start 2010 laughing?

Because if you start out crying, you’ll ruin your mascara. And 2009 was just ridiculous.

Marga’s photos by Kent Taylor. The Marga Gomez New Year’s Eve Spectacular plays Dec. 31 (Thurs 7pm and 9pm) at the Victoria Theatre, 2961 16th Street, San Francisco. For tickets call (800) 838-3006 or at brownpapertickets.com. More info at therhino.org.

Not Too Swift Taylor

I’m still kicking folks. I’ve been preparing material for a Christmas show in NYC on Saturday Dec 19. http://www.elmuseo.org/en/event/coquito-cabaret-holiday-extravaganza-latina-divas-marga-gomez-carmelita-tropicana and for the Marga Gomez New Year’s Eve Spectacular in San Francisco  http://events.sfgate.com/san-francisco-ca/events/show/89837785-the-marga-gomez-new-years-eve-spectacular

But yesterday after a radio interview in San francisco I took these pictures on public transit. Let this be a lesson to never get lost in the music. I wish I had a video camera because this guy was so-mazing and oblivious. He was blasting Taylor Swift on his head phones. Yes he was.

He’s doesn’t have a seizure. He’s into his Ipod.
“She wears short skirts
I wear t-shirts
She’s cheer captain
I wear sneakers…..” Laughing on a park bench
Thinking to myself
Hey, isn’t this easy?Hey what you doing
With a girl like that
“I’m listening to the kind of music
She doesn’t like
She’ll never know your story
Like I do”

My Dirty Blog


(I’ll keep blogging  from the UK every few days so come back. Cheers!)

After watching this I’m going to find some camera lens cleaner : )

Since You Asked

I have a few more days of  regular blogging till my goal of 25 consecutive days is met. Today I’m taking a request topic.

Leoami Writes
I wanted  to thank you for making my San Francisco vacation…… 
Since you asked, my vote for your last few blogs is how I can spend my last few days in SF, once I’ve done all the “touristy” things. However, don’t feel obligated. Again, I wish you nothing but success. Bye!


Hi Leoami,
If you like burritos then you should spend your last days taste tesing in The Mission. Skip the Taco Bell. Or get a blanket and a book and hang out at Dolores Park- it’s been cold lately maybe you should bring a snuggie. Flirting is always a good thing to do in this town if you can figure out what somebody’s into. You can start your own protest and see how many people join you. You can have fun with the underground Muni police who fine unwitting tourists who don’t have their transfers usually at the Powell Street exit. When they ask me for my transfer (which I make sure to have on me) I take a really long time to find it. I go from pocket to pocket. Then I ask them – ‘uh what was I looking for.’ I begin the search again and hum. The humming drives them crazy. As they pull out their ticket book I pull out my transfer. Try to see how long you can prolong it while other people walk by that they can’t hassle because they’re waiting for you. It really helps if you have nothing to do all day.

And put some flowers in your hair.

Who else has blog requests? I’m taking them. Bring it.

Hold it! Beat it!

I live in San Francisco and like too many cities, we face the loss of our daily newspaper. Fortunately we here are blessed with two thriving weekly gay newspapers that you can pick up every Thurs for free. These papers will someday be the only source of national and local news in San Francisco. Almost like the SF Chronicle except with bare-chested men on the front page. 2barechestI’d like to thank the masseurs of San Francisco for supporting our GLBT press with your advertising. If I ever have back pain or need an escort I know where to find one. I have talented friends who write for these papers but we can’t agree on everything which brings me to the following item in yesterday’s edition –

 “RIP the greatly gifted Michael Jackson . When all the late-night jokes about pet chimp Bubbles , the Jesus juice, and Jacko’s other eccentricities have died away, what remains is a showman for the ages. He did the term “queer artist” proud.”

No.. No.No. REWIND. Stop the gay presses. That last line has got to go. Who said anything about MJ being queer or proud? I just participated in the National Queer Arts Festival with hundreds of proud queer artists.  The term “queer artist” means you state you are queer in in a direct way. Wearing one glove is not enough. MJ was a tragic damaged genius who married Lisa Marie Presley , Debbie Rowe and hung a baby (maybe his) out the window. Things that queer artists would not be proud to do.. except occasional baby dangling, but only in New York. Michael Jackson had a period of great artistry. I would have been interested in what his summer tour and new album would have been like.

I only love about half of his music but I will concede  MJ’s creative legacy is up there with the greats. However he will never be inducted into the Queer Artist’s hall of Fame. Let’s review. He was batshit crazy for years, maybe he had sex with underage boys and married fag hags. None of that disqualifies him from being considered a queer artist – but it doesn’t qualify him either. The fact that all our gaydar was abuzz when we first saw him moon walk and we believe that his life would have been better if he came out doesn’t make him queer. He never said he was gay. He pretended, however lamely, to be straight. Michael was at best, or worst, a ‘closeted  artist.’ Don’t present him to our LGBT youth as role model. Michael is an example of what -not to do- in your personal life. And as one of the ‘queer artists’ who have been putting ourselves out there at the cost of wealth and fame let us keep our standards please. But I do miss MJ.

What do you think readers?