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I watched Serendipity on an airplane once back when you had to pay to watch the movie but you could sneak your walkman headphones in the ear jack and watch for free. Those walkmans were awesome BTW. Or if you were afraid of breaking the rules you could pull the arm rest up to your ear and listen through the ear jack. It was still stealing the movie, but so pathetic, what flight attendant would scold you.
Serendipity was adequate then and adequate now while I do laundry on a Friday night. Why do the plots of so many chick flicks revolve around two people in the ‘wrong’ relationships meeting their soul mates, losing their soulmates, finding them again through a twist of fate, often on their wedding day, and leaving their fiances at the alter? Chick flick loving chicks should not support these films because in real life they will be the ones who get dumped and not for his soulmate but for his soul ‘ho.
I can enjoy this nonsense living in CA where I am not legally allowed to have a wedding much less call it off. These straights be crazy! 
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Molly Shannon plays the best friend of the home wrecker.
Molly can do no wrong. I was in the laundromat for the beginning of the movie but I think it had something to do with ‘Serendipity,’ that overpriced dessert spot in NYC that makes a 5,000 chocolate treat with gold flecks. My mom took me there once back when celebrities used to go (back when walkmans were the rage) but we didn’t see anybody famous. I think the board of health closed it down for vermin not too long ago. I was going to have a rating sytem for my reviews- 4 stars, two thumbs etc. but there’s so little to choose from, in movies especially, a simple Pass/Fail should do the trick and if it’s really good I’ll give it a Serendipitous! 
I have to put my clothes in the dryer now. But the next movie on Bravo begins. It’s ‘You’ve got mail’ and I believe Meg Ryan will dump Greg Kinnear to have cyber sex with Tom Hanks. Call me a chick flick psychic. Dave Chapelle is in this one playing the Molly Shannon role.
Marga says- SERENDIPITY is: Serendipitous! NOT : ( but it does barely PASS