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Michfest Dirty Girl

I spent a fabulous week under the sun and stars at Michfest and recorded some tales by the fire pit. Click link below to hear my 15 minute podcast.

The Sound Of Marga

My Tent


Hello and thanks for visiting my semi retired blog. Since April I have been blogging and podcasting on my SNAZZY NEW WEBSITE. Granted I do need to increase my output over there but I just hooked up my wii to my Netflix and have been watching old Superman cartoons and Arrested Development since uh… what month is it??

I’m still famous though and want you to check out today’s BRAND NEW interview on the world famous LGBT comedy show Feast of Fun. I talk about Queen Latifah, Bondage and Country Western bars and lots of personal stuff. Click HERE TO LISTEN
It’s about an hour of me lezzy trash talking with the affable hosts Fausto and Marc. Sharing the link with your friends and socialite network helps support Feast of Fun, Michfest, me and maybe in some way your inner child.