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Moving on. Good Times

Thanks to all of you for reading More Marga. The last entry which was unusually vitriolic got the most hits ever. Y’all like a little drama. It felt good to vent and I appreciate your comments. And I’d like to brighten the mood with a few pics from this otherwise fabulous gig in Mexico. I’m also thrilled to share quality time with the Wau Wau Sisters who are the girls pictured in More Marga’s Banner.

I know when I'm pissed off about anything I feel better if I find other pissed off people to be around like Chef Josie and Michele Balan

They say the love of a good woman will get you through the tough times or get with Tanya the Wau Wau Sister

Wau Wau Sister Adrienne is reenacting the role of people who are afraid of me on airplanes

My surprise performance today in Zihuatenejo was an unqualified SUCCESS!


The Sick Sense

Tonight I close out my 5 night run at San Francisco’s Rrazz Room with Michele Balan.. I caught a cold the third night. At the first sign of a cold I use zicam homeopathic nasal swabs but they’ve been pulled from the shelves of Walgreens due to a lawsuit. Out of the millions who have used the swabs with great results 150 people claim they lost their sense of smell. Assholes. So I had to buy the alternative Zicam mouth spray. You spray it in on the inside of your cheeks and gums. It relieved my cold symptoms alright but I couldn’t taste my waffles this morning or my coffee. My sense of taste may be ruined because of those nose breathing litigants. I’d like to sue them. The world stinks you don’t need to smell it but I need to taste my $10 maple syrup.

The shows have been great. The audience liked the combination of whacked out Latina and neurotic Jewish Princess -despite my cold symptoms which I hid. Being an out Lesbian rocks but never let them see you sweat or sniffle.