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Oh no it’s way late. I’m supposed to be blogging everyday so I can be in this Nablopomo daily blogging project. But I can dial back the word press settings, cheat a little.  It will seem as though I came right home after my show at Harvey’s in the Castro and wrote my daily blog entry before midnight. What really happened is that the comedians and I went to a wine bar till Midnight. A very sophisticated spot in the Castro that is never too crowded and will probably go out of business, perfect for after show. I was the “headliner” which isn’t really possible when the show is free. But I closed the show and I got that extra hooting and hollering when the host said “are you ready for your headliner??
People think they’re at the Copa Cabana or something. 15 minutes before I headlined I was in the men’s room fanning my “Marga’s Laugh Party” flyers on the toilet tank. That’s what this headliner does kids. Well I took the headliner adulation in stride and pumped myself up on stage to fit the bill. Then I gave out the rest of my flyers for my party next week because I am also a party promoter now. It really was a great crowd tonight, high energy, a little chattiness from a large drag queen who wandered in thinking she was on the Ru Paul show.

Sashay Away Cheater!

During my set I was most pleased that two new bits are starting to take shape and get laughs. The first is about bed sharing in a relationship and my strategies for bed domination. The second is my homage to my favorite show Cheaters wherein I renact an episode including the voiceovers. This still needs a few more hours of honing. I could spend the rest of my career reenacting Cheaters- the Joey Greco version after Tommy got stabbed. I only wish that we as a nation could have hired the licensed detectives of Cheaters to investigate John Edwards in 2008. I heard  the author of the new Edwards expose, Andrew Young, interviewed on right wing radio today. Wow this book is going to be like a Cheaters mini series.

little john edwards