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Marga’s Hump News: Meg Whitman is a bedbug

Episode 1! Gonna try to keep this up every Wednesday.

Fuck you Gavin Newsom!

Fuck you Gavin Newsom! You owe me a new pair of pants. I fell in the street in front of Harvey’s, the club I perform at (see me there next Tuesday at 9pm), because I was running for the door of a bus which was off schedule according to your stupid electronic sign which only works in the wealthy neighborhoods and even then has 50 per cent accuracy. I was running for the bus stop, got a foot from the door and the driver pulled away as I fell to the GUTTER- scuffing my prized Ben Sherman red skinney jeans. Oh how I loathe you for that Gavin Newsom!  Many people I know will vote for you for governor but I will vote for crazy Jerry Brown or almost anybody but a Republican. Your aides pushed me aside at an event once so you could walk past in your fancy suit. Fuck them. Once I was going to perform at a benefit but I got bumped because you showed up to speak in your melifluos gelled voice- cuz you are sooooo funny. Oh and my girlfriend said you didn’t check her out one time. How dare you not!
I don’t like how pretty people get everything. That’s right! You’re pretty Gavin Newsom. You are no Barney Frank. Lose some teeth and then talk to me. I have no place to throw my trash in San Francisco because you think trash cans are unsightly and you got rid of them. The world is your foyer, huh? You don’t know what it’s like for the average person in San Francisco who needs public transit, needs to walk at night without getting lunged at by panhandlers, or needs to throw something away. Why don’t you fix the worst transit system I have ever had to travel on before you tackle the state of California Newsom? You can’t buy me on a single issue of Gay marriage. First you need to buy me a new pair of Ben Sherman’s red straight leg waist 29 length 32 jeans. That’s what I lost because you haven’t bothered to manage SF public transit in two damn terms as mayor.

Is there a democrat who is not a narcissist or whacked out to enter the race for California Gov. ? I promise I won’t vote for a republican- but can’t we find a better democratic candidate than Newsom and Brown?