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What’s Going On!

7 more days till my big production “Marga’s Laugh Party.”  I have a thousand flyers left to give out by Wed. and decisions to make about the show flow and if it would be a good idea to have a professional  roller skater  dance on the stage. I wish I could just book the shows and have somebody else promote them. That’s the hard part. But we got an amazing write up in the SF Weekly today .

“Any one of the performers at Marga’s Laugh Partywould be enough to get our thumbs-up for an evening’s entertainment. In fact, we can assure you this is the best comedy show in the city since the last one Janine Brito killed in (the face-hurting Laughter Against the Machine). Marga’s Laugh Party features a raging lineup of comics smashed together with a dance party — with music by SF Weekly’s 2009 Most Fashionable Person, DJ Chelsea Starr. Titular host Gomez herds local comedian cats better than anyone: Fast-talking punk trans superstar writer, filmmaker, and horndog Lynn Breedlove isn’t easily contained, if you know what we mean. Sarcastic dames are gathered here: Marcella Arguello, Brito, Emily Heller, and Natasha Muse join nondames Pippi Lovestocking, Ben McCoy, and our pretend boyfriend, Kirk Read. Full disclosure: SF Weekly contributor Tara Jepsen is also brilliantly hilarious in the show.”

Well that’s my daily report. Kind of measly. This day was a dud. I did nothing outstanding. My only outing was to Brainwash our local laundromat/cafe/comedy open mic where I tried to do my set by trying to jump up on the cafe counter. Missed it twice banging my tailbone on the counter edge on the way down and finally splitting my belt in two. Not my pants, my big Harley Davidson leather belt -in front of about ten of my fellow comics and two people folding their clothes. When you open with a big finish like that it’s all downhill. I can’t complain that was never my belt . I found it in my apt. it was left behind by one of my more interesting subletters Christa Hillhouse from the band Four Non Blondes. Later!

Working it Out in San Francisco

Hello! If you have any friends in London and Scotland here is where I’ll be. The Royal Vauxhall Tavern July 29(9pm) and 31(6:30pm) and then Edinburgh August 6 through August 31 everynight at 9 at the Zoo Southside.

I live a charmed life and make more $$ than a person should earn if they aren’t sitting at a sewing machine, standing on their feet for eight hours,teaching kids, waiting tables,or digging a ditch. As Sarah Palin said on her twitter ‘I have gratefullness for that.’ (The correct word is gratitude Sarah.) Some nights I get a big check. But when I’m home in San Francisco on a Monday or Tuesday I might play for free or like tonight -for just enough cash to buy a six pack of fake beer, a six pack of lo-cal vanilla ice cream sandwiches, a bottle of fancy orange juice, and a four pack of extra soft Charmin and a cab ride home. Buying groceries with the cash from these gigs is a bonus. We really just do these gigs for stage time.We try the new material or polish the same stuff we’ve been doing. And we encourage and are encouraged by the other comics.

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