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Hello Readers,

I’ve home tonight with a cold and in denial over it. If I wasn’t sick I would be out at every cool soiree giving out flyers,promoting “Marga’s Laugh Party” and wearing out my welcome. I spent this evening learning that even if you cut the mold off a not- that-old pumpkin bolani bread the rest will still taste like mold and probably is not good for you. I learned that after one bite so I’m probably not poisoned yet. My dad was raised in Cuba and has influenced me to tempt fate rather than waste food. I remember his shock seeing me drink half a glass of milk and pour the rest down the sink.

I caught the last half of the new Robin Williams special on HBO “Weapon of Self Destruction” Most of it was funny and inspiring- but then, well you heard one dick joke you heard em all. At least if you don’t have one and especially if you don’t use one. He did bring his usual fresh insights re: our life and times. Robin stays current in material and fashion. Nobody ever talks about Robin’s fashion sense but ever since he got famous, at least, he always wore cool stuff, glass frames, haircuts kind of flashy, comedy chic (or is that a contradiction in terms.) In this special he wore something non descript and black.

Pink's boob sweat rocks

I don’t have HD but towards the end I could see the sweat here and there but not too bad. This is of interest to me because more than once my comic persona has been victim to boob,belly and pit  sweat if I wear the wrong fabric. I lost a great video recording of my show because of it and I don’t sweat much compared to a guy. It’s obvious how much playing live means to Robin but it’s scary to watch how hard he pushes himself on stage especially so soon after the heart surgery.His material is strong enough it doesn’t need the mania anymore. He can play understated characters in movies this might be a good time for him to try pulling back in his stand-up delivery.It would be an interesting change of pace and I wouldn’t have to worry about him blowing a gasket. Because I want to see more of Robin, dick jokes and all.

The Lovely Justin Bond

I also watched Ugly Betty on demand because my friend Justin Bond had a part in it playing -a drag queen. I know how hard Justin had to work for this challenging role. Justin aced it, almost made me forget all about that sizzling Vanessa Williams. One of the subplots in this episode involved blogging. Betty was winning a BLOBBY award for her new blog to “inspire just one person.” Mark, her queen co-worker said “A blog how six years ago. No that was mean. How two years ago” So me and Betty are both a little behind the trend here and I doubt that this blog of mine should or would inspire anyone but I found a blog tonight that hit me like a thunder crack.I was just aimlessly surfing and sniffling and I landed in a story that was painful, raw and joyful. What this woman is doing with her writing is big. If you’d like to experience someone heroic who writes like an angel start with this entry  http://tanyavlach.wordpress.com/2009/08/29/21-grow-a-new-eye/

3 responses to “A Real Blogger

  1. Not sure how I never knew about you but I think you are great. and funny. and soo cute you look like my gf who is italian and spanish and has the sexy gap.
    We had a little theatre group, she is a playwright as well you can check it out if you want http://www.sundaysoff.net
    Also I have access to a 180 seat theatre in Gulfport, Fl, through a non-profit I am affiliated with http://www.cityofimagination.info. Gulfport is also commonly refered to as dykeport so we could probably fill the theatre for 2 nights.
    I’d love to try. Jessica

    • Hi Jessica,
      Thanks so much. I just got way distracted and have left all my blog readers on the lurch. Gulfport sounds like a must see. I hope we can explore a gig there. You can contact me better for booking through my website margagomezdotcom and I can write you back. There’s a little button you click and voila. My website will be redesigned in the next week so it will be a whole lot easier for my organize my gigs.

      Till then,

  2. Coolness!!! That’s Jacinta’s sister! She’s the coolest!

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