Since You Asked

I have a few more days of  regular blogging till my goal of 25 consecutive days is met. Today I’m taking a request topic.

Leoami Writes
I wanted  to thank you for making my San Francisco vacation…… 
Since you asked, my vote for your last few blogs is how I can spend my last few days in SF, once I’ve done all the “touristy” things. However, don’t feel obligated. Again, I wish you nothing but success. Bye!


Hi Leoami,
If you like burritos then you should spend your last days taste tesing in The Mission. Skip the Taco Bell. Or get a blanket and a book and hang out at Dolores Park- it’s been cold lately maybe you should bring a snuggie. Flirting is always a good thing to do in this town if you can figure out what somebody’s into. You can start your own protest and see how many people join you. You can have fun with the underground Muni police who fine unwitting tourists who don’t have their transfers usually at the Powell Street exit. When they ask me for my transfer (which I make sure to have on me) I take a really long time to find it. I go from pocket to pocket. Then I ask them – ‘uh what was I looking for.’ I begin the search again and hum. The humming drives them crazy. As they pull out their ticket book I pull out my transfer. Try to see how long you can prolong it while other people walk by that they can’t hassle because they’re waiting for you. It really helps if you have nothing to do all day.

And put some flowers in your hair.

Who else has blog requests? I’m taking them. Bring it.


2 responses to “Since You Asked

  1. Thanks Marga!

    I did go back to The Mission and The Castro today, but I decided not to harass the Muni police or anyone associated with public transportation. With everything going on with them lately, they might be the wrong ones to mess with.


  2. Any ideas on how California can solve it’s money problems? or is that too deep? (pun)

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