Rocky Road

I spaced out and missed a deadline to apply for a NACA conference that I stood a good chance of getting. This might have made me financially solvent next year with all the college gigs you can get by auditioning. I’ve been sitting with this news for two hours. It feels tight in my heart. But I know I’ll be fine. I have great things ahead and I’ll find another way to play colleges next year. I need an intern.

I bought a big hunk of  milk chocolate rocky road and I’m self medicating with it. Tonight I’ll be at the Rrazz Room catching up with by good friend Rene’ over dinner before we  watch Dick Gregory interviewed by Mort Sahl . At least I found a good day to realize my huge blunder. I need to laugh babies. Well that’s it kids, my downer blog.  Forget this one and read yesterday’s it’s super upbeat.


One response to “Rocky Road

  1. Poor Marga, some days are blah! but you know red wine and chocolate are a girl’s best friend! Yeah for Rocky road!!! brilliant choice! I would volunteer to be your intern- but I live in Texas, (sniff)…cheers!

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