Rachel Dratch

It’s Friday night. sbGirlfriend and I are in bed watching “Spring Breakdown” written by Rachel Dratch and starring Rachel, Amy Poehler and Parker Posey. I was leaning towards renting Frost/Nixon but I let her pick the movie. She scored! This picture is way better than House Bunny and if that’s not enough to get it in your Netflix – Kristen from the MTV reality soap “Laguna Beach” is in it.

Rachel Dratch

Rachel Dratch

Wait!  The hot villain chick just kicked a chiuhahua that was humping her and I am considering FAILING this flick but Girlfriend won’t let me. I  hate when people smack animals in comedies. I know -no animals were hurt etc. but it’s still a bad message- to an audience not as smart as we are. In “Hangover’ the dude knocks a chicken off a desk. I wanted to walk out of the movie. This crap is in almost every comedy.


Jane Lynch

Despite fake animal cruelty this terribly titled SPRING BREAKDOWN is my SLEEPER DVD and MUST SEE recommendation for anyone who loves female comics!  Rachel Dratch has written a better than average jiggle giggle with a juicey part for Jane Lynch. If you don’t know who Jane Lynch is how did you find me?

Rachel plays one of her stock dweebs here, who discovers beer and ferociously hits on young dudes. I’ll take anything with this woman. I can’t believe she’s not more famous than Tina Fey.  I love her like the French love Jerry Lewis. Rachel Dratch is the funniest woman I’ve ever seen in my life and the funniest performer on Saturday Night Live next to Will Ferrel.

Here in order are my favorite SNL ladies of all time

  • Rachel Dratch
  • Molly Shannon
  • Amy Poehler
  • Maya Rudolph
  • Nora Dunn
  • Jane Curtain
  • Cheri Oteri
  • Anna Gasteyer
  • Tina Fey
  • Kristen Witteg

Miss Fey

I can feel the controversy heating up. Sizzlean! Tina Fey lovers will be miffed. I think she’s smart and very funny but, besides her Sarah Palin, she didn’t do any over the top characters like the others on the list. She functioned mostly as a writer on the show and a great news anchor. I’m sure it was thanks to the Tina Fey years that SNL had some of it’s strongest female driven sketches. There’s more click to keep reading.

Rachel Dratch gets me laughing hard for the same reason Will Ferrel does- it seems like they’re messed up, not quite right. Debbie Downer, Julie from Amtrak were thin concepts but she rocked those characters. In my favorite sketch Rachel and her husband are having game night with another couple. Rachel begins to exhibit a little too much competitiveness and agitation. Eventually she starts lashing out at her man,the other couple, breaking furniture and finally runs through the wall of the living room. She looked amazing. I laughed for days after I saw it. If SNL ever released the Best of Rachel Dratch I would run through a wall to buy it.

Last Season the women on Saturday night live were forgettable. What’s with the plump one who’s hung on for two seasons- not one funny bone in her body. Is she somebody’s niece? There are so many genius women who could be on this show working right in New York City. Lorne Michaels is a schmuck.SNL is notorious for overlooking funny women, or if they hire them, not knowing what to do with them.


Danitra Vamce

Janine Garafalo was also a cast member for half a season but she quit for reasons I can imagine. I don’t see her doing characters anyway. She would have been great on weekend update. In 1985 they hired Danitra Vance, an out lesbian black comedian and performance artist. She was getting super hot in NY so they grabbed her for a season but but wasted her. Here’s more about Danitra from Wikipidia

“She is best remembered for the sketch “That Black Girl”, (a spoof of the 1960s sitcom That Girl), and for her character Cabrini Green Harlem Watts Jackson, a teenage mother who dispensed advice on the do’s and don’ts of being pregnant. Both were recurring characters during her time on SNL.

Vance appeared on SNL during a time of great transition for the show; Vance herself became frustrated because her roles in sketches were limited both in visibility and in range – she was often cast in a skit as a secretary, a nurse, a waitress, a young unwed mother dependent on welfare (her recurring character, Cabrini Green Jackson, easily fell into this category), or a maid.”

Back to the movie review. My second movie review. My first was “Serendipity” which I half watched. To be honest I didn’t finish watching “Spring Breakdown” because I had to file my blog/review before midnight. But the last 20 minutes sounded funny while I was typing and Girlfriend didn’t fall asleep like she usually does when we watch DVD’s on Fri night.



I can predict that I dig this movie more than I will like Frost/Nixon. Because “Spring Breakdown” is an easy breezy PASS!


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