You Say Potato…

Hi Readers! Today was the busiest day ever on my blog according to the wordpress stats. ‘More Marga’ just passed 4000 views. I still don’t know enough about how blogs work but I think you can subscribe by clicking “Blog Info”in the top right corner. Thanks for the encouragement. Now for today’s topic.

I posed this question today on Twitter and to random shoppers at Trader Joes in San Francisco.

Didn’t we used to say LGBT? Now it’s always GLBT. Anybody else notice this?

What do you think Readers? Please add your comments to the discussion. Here’s what people have been saying so far.

DM said “I like the GBLT myself, with a slice of cheese!”

LS said “Life was so much easier when we were just “filthy homosexuals”

JP said “My vote for the all-inclusive MOjority didn’t get enough votes at the Gay Agenda meeting.”

LM said  “My meditation center’s name for our queer sangha is the “alphabet sangha”.

NM said “you’re thinking maybe it’s a reflection of the natural inclination some people have in a patriarchal society of putting males in a position of primacy or something?

EGP said “it’s a not so subtle slap back…sounds better, historically accurate… LGBT forever.”

SJH said “Wow, I thought it was still LGBT, but then again, I still think “icy” means “hella fresh.”

My journalist/comic/actor/screenwriter friend Mark said “I remember originally there was no “L” at all  then the “L” was put in front around 94. Lately, yes, I agree it’s changed back. After cursory research it looks as if the last change in the AP style guide re gays was in 2006 and that change was informed by GLAAD. The AP style guide did not put forth a preference for what the communicty calls itself, i.e. LGBT or GLBT or otherwise.  ANybody got the 2009 or 2010 Ap guide? Otherwise magazine editors make these choices so far as I know.”

My friend Mark assumed I would know what the AP style guide was. I’m guessing it’s either Associated Press or Always Proud. As our community becomes more diverse we oughtta come up with one simple and cool way to refer to ourselves. Maybe a an egyptian symbol like Prince as in formerly known as LGBTGLBT.

And finally LM proposes this. “I like queer. An ex of mine had an elderly relative who used the term “artistic” with a wink and a nod. I think that’s quite nice too.”


One response to “You Say Potato…

  1. AP-smaypee. NLGJA, the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association says

    LGBT, Acronym for “lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. ”

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