All those well -to -do folks who think they can get a free dinner by creeping around the salad bar  filling their open salad container, eating from it till they’re stuffed than discarding it like a picked carcass down one of the aisles – nasty! Call me old fashioned but it’s stealing. I’ve never seen poor people do this. Poor people get watched in stores. Salad bar scroungers are  always in business attire. I finally said something yesterday. This young lady was shoving french fries onto the counter ledge with a serving spoon and then eating them with her fingers, all one-handed because she was on her I phone. I can look the other way when they steal with tongs but not when they put their paws in the food.

I walked up behind her and said “You’re supposed to pay for that.”  We had a stare down. Then she took off fast. I’m the salad bar vigilante.


One response to “Gross

  1. EEEEWWWWW…. I’ve just lost my appetite… Bet she didn’t even wash her hands first….

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