Quittin Bloggin?

Thinkin about quittin this daily bloggin routine Just thinkin… I’ll ask Sarah Palin’s kids if I should. That’s how she did it. She sat her kids down: Track, Trig, Toenail, Blanket and Snuggie..
Levi Johnston “The Grandbaby Daddy” had a press conference about his book deal today. Two events that would not be possible in a civilized country. He should call his book “The Rubber Broke” That’s all he really knows.

Levi comes from crazy too. His mom got arrested last year for runnin a meth lab- something like that. Levi left the Palin clan after namin the baby Trip.
T, the first letter used in namin Palin males. ‘Trip’ what Grandma used to do.  
You betcha!


One response to “Quittin Bloggin?

  1. Well, I will miss your procrastinating it’s kinda relatable and you are a gifted storyteller- But if you hate blogging why torture yourself? For publicity? Who needs that? Oh, except Levi to pay his child support since his Momma lost her job. And that babie’s snake oil dealer of a g-ma quit hers.

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