And The Horse You Rode In On.

I woke up really early today. Had my coffee brewed by 8 am. There was so much promise. I was motivated. I didn’t know what I was going to do but I couldn’t wait to get started. 381327742_051a14850cI never did…falling into a Twitter Hole in the first hour which led me to view a live streaming of Michael Jackson’s wake on somebody’s blog and then to watching the thing properly on the TV and recording it for my girlfriend because I thought she liked Brooke Shields. She doesn’t and there was no need to DVR it  because it’s been playing all day in a funeral loop.

Maybe he didn’t die. Maybe the mysterious lady at the end, standing behind Janet,  her face enshrouded by her giant floppy disc of a hat was Michael, master of disguise. I’m holding on to this. It’s fun to think Michael is still with us and Latoya was in the coffin.  

I got sucked into the Staples production, the wishful thinking and the blatant omission. They said Michael was pure. Pure. And Funny. And all his songs were the best. He didn’t ever write a stinker. Blanket is a popular boy’s name. And he was in heaven. Because everybody looked upwards to give Michael a shout out. It would be awesome if the same God  that sends you to hell for just missing mass on Sunday -is going to be okay with man-boy dating. But just in case God is as unforgiving as the preachers say. I would look down below when I say ‘I love you Michael.’ Make a little eye contact in case he’s down there.  That’s what I’d want if I was watching my funeral.

Hopefully we all will be reincarnated and Michael will come back as a Llama disguised as a Tiger. Everyone at the tribute seemed to be in denial about Michael’s insanity and pedophilia. Not a word until that Texas  congresswoman went up there and said. “In this country we are innocent until proven guilty.”  And everybody knew what she meant and applauded. She didn’t have to spell it out- She didn’t have to say “Because children lie!” That would have been awkward. 

Everybody just wants to love the Michael that Michael wanted to be and ignore that other Michael who dangled the baby out the window and had the secret bedroom and such. Bygones. I totally understand that.sillyHorse3-16&17-02

Like this year during Gay Pride when I tried to ignore the Pony People. Men and women who dress up as ponies in their saddles, bits in their mouths, hooves, ears, tails. Then they prance like they think ponies move. And how long can one be a pony? Some of those ponies were old enough to be nags.The first time I saw these folks critters was on HBO’s Real Sex. They’re part of an old fetish society with a bunch of rules. The HBO ponies were straight and I was relieved. But now they have recruited some gays. They were at Boston Pride, San Francisco and maybe more. Is the desire to be a human horse a queer issue. Really Ponies? I don’t want to  live in a LGBT-P community. There’s not enough land. We’re not the same. I worship Judy Garland. Ponies worship Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet. I like tofu. Ponies like hay. Shouldn’t they march with PETA? Call me a mainstream a-hole but- Hold your horses pony people! You are really going to confuse the Prop 8 people.


One response to “And The Horse You Rode In On.

  1. Wow, really wished I hadn’t Googled Pony People.
    I heard an inter view where a man predicted that Liberia will erect a statue of Michael. Cant you just imagine Liberian children of the future asking their parents who the white lady was?

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