I took my girlfriend out for dinner tonight. Spontaneous splurging. I was going to get her flowers but who wouldn’t rather have a fancy dinner over flowers besides an aneroxic.
I’ve been wanting to write food reviews but there are so many food reviews. I know the part of me that wants to be a food critic is a geek who never felt loved. Well now you know. I have to blog every day till July 25th even when I’m sleep deprived like today.
We went to a sharing plate joint and I said ‘get anything you want baby’ and she said ‘what about calamari?’ Sure. Something fried with dipping sauce to make her happy. When our waitperson repeated back the order she said SQUID in a very serious way. We both noticed but thought the waitress was being fancy until the SQUID arrived unfried -scientific, naked and reaching to us. ‘You don’t have to eat it’ I told my girlfriend – who can get squeamish over blueberries. But she bravely downed a piece. ‘Good sauce’ she said. My turn next I soaked my piece of SQUID in as much sauce and cilantro as it could hold, closed my eyes swallowed and it -was not so bad. Our dinner became an episode of Survivor. We had to eat the squid or leave the island.I tried closing my eyes while dipping the squid but that was hard with chopsticks. Maybe if my girlfriend fed me the squid with my eyes closed – but nobody wants to see that being done in a restaurant. Even with your eyes closed the nubbley bare arms of the squid skeeved us out to the point where I called out to the waiter “Please take this little plate away! Yes it was wonderful but we can’t look at it.”  I don’t blame the restaurant Eos on Carl street in San Francisco. The waitress tried to warn us and their Ahi mango rolls and Borney salad with hazelnuts were outstanding. We’ll be back again.Thanks for reading I’m going to punch myself now.


One response to “SQUID!

  1. A similar thing happened to me. I was accustomed to the little fried ringlets that I used to get from a Greek restaurant. One night, I went to an expensive seafood restaurant and ordered a calamari appetizer. They brought out a basket of these poorly fried little but whole squids. I was disgusted, but I had to play it off like I knew what I was ordering. I ate enough to put a dent in it, but I was so relieved when my entre arrived.

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