I’m always relieved when holidays are over. Especially the fourth of July which feels like war.  When I was a kid in Washington Heights NYC I left my home at great risk since that was the time to throw firecrackers and M80s
off the roof at jittery girls below.  
Even my mom woke me up one 4th by throwing a cherry bomb in my room. 


Julie Christie!

But now I live in gentle San Francisco where the exploding fireworks form peace signs. This year 
my girlfriend and I went back and forth all day over how we were going to observe the 4th. Would we ignore it and rent Warren Beatty in Shampoo? I’ve never seen it.  She thinks thinks that’s a big hole in my cultural portfolio. She also doesn’t understand why everyone thinks Julie Christie is so beautiful.  I was shocked by this, wondered if our relationship made sense. She thought Julie Christie had a terrible hairdo in shampoo, maybe it was a perm.  I tried to explain that even with a bad hair day you have to factor in Christie’s mystique.  Mystique- whatever happened to that?  Are there any women under 40 who have it in America. North America?  I don’t think so. 
Our other thought for the day was to camp out overnight. But we didn’t have a tent thank god.  And it was 4 o’clock on a holiday.  Not the time to shop for camping gear. By nightfall we were on Golden Gate bridge. We thought it was the perfect spot although the fireworks were a little too far away to get a good photo on my Iphone. I couldn’t tweet it. 
My girlfriend wanted to hear the explosions.  It was like Peggy Lee’s song “is that all there is?” But in a good way.  It was chilly on the bridge and I held my girl close as our holiday wound down. If you can cuddle with a warm beautiful lady who can teach you about an old Warren Beatty movie and who, for you, will reconsider the wonder of Julie Christie -you just celebrated.


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