Here’s wishing the people and wildlife of Alaska happy Independence Day from tyranny. To Levi, Bristols ex – enjoy your freedom. Become a better person. Become a democrat or a homosexual just stay away from this weird baby naming family.
That’s all for today. It’s just noon in San Francisco and the sun is out and I am going to see what this part of America is doing for fun.

Free yourselves. Fight for social justice. Don’t get sucked in.
Independence rocks.


2 responses to “Independence

  1. Way to go with the Daily Blog Marga! don’t worry
    we’re out here reading it – be sure about that.
    Thanks for introducing me to Rachel Maddow whom you mentioned at the Santa Rosa Gig recently.
    And thanks for being so f-ing funny and telling
    our Cochina stories so well.

    • Hey Natalie,
      Thanks for the roots. It is feeling like a marathon all of a sudden. But I can sit through it at least. Tonight’s blog may arrive late but it will be there.

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