Where To Start?

Today I am trying to let go of something that can’t be fixed. My lovely little show “Long Island Iced Latina” that ran for four happy nights Off- Broadway two weeks ago, under the loving and skilled direction of David Schweizer is only half preserved on video because I screwed up.


Marga looking for comfort.

Marga looking for comfort.


Friends, beware the evil cell phone – it will demagnetize your tape. That’s what happened to me. I crammed everything in one bag rushing out of my dressing room to get to my closing night party. The video of the first half of the show by wonderful filmaker Faye Sapo was stuck to my Iphone when I pulled it out of the bag.

I knew what that meant but I did not let it stop me from enjoying my fabulous closing night party at Starlette in the East Village and feeling good about everything that happened in June. In one month I played to thousands in Boston, NYC, Puerto Rico, San Francisco and Santa Rosa. I met Sharon Gless, Soledad Obrien and became a denizen at a NYC Piano Bar on 47th street forgotten by time but packed with people who like it that way. I threw myself backwards 5 times into the Ocean in San Juan for luck and to cleanse my soul. I found the reason that I have been working on my show for a year and I have found how to play it. If I don’t have all of  that show recorded – so what! That’s why I’m a live performer. It’s about the moment. You do have to be there. And maybe I’ll just have to do it again. To be continued…..


2 responses to “Where To Start?

  1. I hope I can see your show sometime live, not on tape.

    I think I will throw myself backwards five times into the Pacific Ocean later on this month when I’m in San Diego. It’s just not the same doing it in a Minnesota lake. 🙂

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