Limousines For The Feet

I checked out the Strida folding bicycle and was not impressed enough to buy it -plus it’s expensive. It weighs 22 pounds, 12 more more pounds than I can carry nonchalantly up the stairs. Staring at it online I began to think that i could fold it up teeny like my iphone. I really need a bike that I could stuff in the palm of my hand, wave the other hand over it and poof! A bicycle magic shop is what I need.images

The guys at Warm Bicyle Planet- maybe i got the name wrong- were extremely patient explaining how bicycles work. I didn’t really need to hear all that and said “hey thanks – but it’s going over my head. Does it come with a bell?” That made them start all over. I was their only customer  for the half hour and they let me test drive the bikes outside.I wore the geeky helmet to prevent any sexual harrassment..

I’m really a spaz and my friends don’t think I should ride in traffic so I’m holding off on bike purchases. I’m going to get myself an excellent pair of running shoes so I can speed walk, no helmet. Here’s a picture of my new hightops from “A Life”- I save them for DANCING!

my kicksThese shoes are already famous having been posted on a shoe website. Check out Shoegayzr

                                           The title of this post “Limousines For The Feet” was my favorite advertising slogan when I was a kid. It was under a picture of BIG feet in a pair of high top  Converse. There has ever been a better shoe slogan in my inflated opinion. Suck it Nike.

2 responses to “Limousines For The Feet

  1. prevent sexual harassment, keep on shoegayzin’ !

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